5 Reasons Why You Should “Foreverize” Your Family’s Photos & Videos

Jamie | March 30, 2023

If your attic is loaded with family photos & videos, you have to hear about this new service that saves you tons of time and money — and protects you from a tragic heartbreak!

If you’re like most people, you’ve spent your whole life collecting photos and videos of your family's best moments.

But as time passes, those memories start to fade… the tapes start to wear out… and the pictures begin to yellow and disappear. Not to mention the fact that a single unlucky accident can wipe them all away forever!

That’s why so many people are turning to digitization. By uploading the photos in a digital format, you ensure they never fade away or get destroyed… and even better, you guarantee that future generations will be able to enjoy the memories you cherish so deeply.

Of course, doing it yourself is an expensive, difficult chore — especially if you’re not tech-savvy. That’s why millions of people have turned to iMemories, a professional photo digitization service based in Scottsdale, Arizona. If you haven’t heard about it yet, you’re missing out!

Here are 5 reasons why iMemories is the best choice to protect and even improve your precious memories:

1. Old Photos & Videos Can Deteriorate & Become Useless

Whether you have film, printed photos, negatives, VHS tapes, or slides, none of them last forever!

However… digital files DO last forever. That means you can guarantee your great, great, great grandson will get to know who his ancestors were — and see you smiling in living color!

Even better: When you digitize with iMemories, you not only protect them from degrading, you can also easily view all those formats! No need to keep a VCR, slide projector, DVD player, loupe, reel-to-reel… you get the idea.

2. You Can’t Enjoy Your Memories From A Box In The Attic!

It may sound like common sense, but anything you keep in your attic isn’t being enjoyed very often! So whether your old photos are difficult to view with modern technology, too bulky to store in your living space, or just too overwhelming to sort… iMemories can help!

Having photos digitized means you can view them anytime, anywhere. And they won’t take up any space in your house. Even better, you access them through a simple, easy-to-use app that makes it super easy to share on social media with friends.

3. Physical Copies Are Difficult To Share

Did Aunt Tess request old photos for the family reunion? Or does your sister want to frame “that one picture” of her on a horse?

With iMemories, you can forget about searching through albums and rifling through boxes. And no more scanning and emailing, or sending “do not bend” envelopes in the mail! Online access means memories are easy to share… even with faraway relatives.

4. It Only Takes A Few Minutes to Lose Them Forever…

A fire, flood, extreme heat, moisture, or any unexpected disaster can destroy decades of memories in minutes.

But the GOOD news is that it also takes just a few minutes to protect those decades of memories… when you use iMemories!

All you have to do is pack up your items in a SafeShip kit — no need to sort them, they’ll do that for you — just toss ‘em in! Then you send your box to iMemories for them to organize, upload, and even touch them up for you. In many cases, iMemories will make your photos and videos look BETTER than before!

5. Preserve Your Legacy Forever In The Cloud

The cloud — it’s the only place where dust, mold, and fire can’t get to your family’s cherished memories. By digitizing with iMemories, you’ll not only have your existing photos or film, you’ll also have everything preserved online.

Plus iMemories offers unlimited streaming, sharing, storage, and backup, so you’ll always have your precious memories at your fingertips. Digitizing with iMemories isn’t just for you, it’s a generous gift to every family member yet to come.

Bonus: Your Photos & Videos Are 100% Guaranteed To Come Back Safe & In The Same (Or Better!) Condition

That’s right — the team at iMemories has “foreverized” more than 100 million photos and videos without losing or damaging a single one. Not only do you get them all uploaded to an easy-to-use digital format, you also get the originals back… in the same or better condition!

Who else can promise that?! Not your local copy shop, not even your whiz kid grandson, and certainly not you doing it by yourself!

It’s all thanks to iMemories’ state-of-the-art facility, SafeShip box, and partnership with FedEx that guarantees safe, prompt delivery every time.

Get iMemories Today — And Enjoy Your Precious Memories Forever!

If you have precious photos and videos that you’d hate to see fade away or disappear in an accident, then you are going to love the peace of mind and convenience iMemories offers!

Even better, they’re currently offering a special deal: For a limited time, you can get 50% OFF your SafeShip kit when you order directly from iMemories.

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