How I Reconnected With My Family With This One Cardboard Box

Ever since my siblings and I moved away from home, I’ve been trying to find a way to bring us back together. 

There’s three of us spread across three different time zones, living on the East and West coasts with our parents still in the Midwest. 

In any given year, the five of us might be in the same room two or three times, max. But this year, things have been extra hard. 

Being separated from my aging parents is challenging, especially during these times.

Social media and FaceTime is nice, but I worry about their health and our time spent together.

I’ve been searching for a way to bring us closer together, swap old memories, and preserve our family history. And I found it in this one little box.

iMemories Started as a Gift for My Parent’s Anniversary

This year, my parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary. 

Between three grown adults (me and my two sibs), we had precisely zero ideas on what to get them. 

A hometown friend told my sister about iMemories, a service that takes ALL of your childhood memories — across VHS tapes, scrapbooks, and film that never got developed — and preserves them in digital form. 

For a family Christmas gift, they had all their old photo albums digitized, to enjoy for years to come.

Immediately, my sister texted me, “WE HAVE TO DO THIS FOR MOM AND DAD!”

Here’s the funny part: At first, my response was, “Hard pass.”

There was no way on this green Earth I was going through the half dozen SHOE BOXES oh photographs stored in my childhood closet and individually scanning them in. H to the no. 

That project could take a MONTH. I don’t even have that many vacation days to go home to my parents house! 

But that’s when she told me the biggest selling point: We didn’t have to do a single thing. 

“Ok baby sis,” I said into the phone, “You officially have my attention.”

iMemories Was the Easiest “Project” Ever

And, might I add, the perfect project to do while stuck in quarantine. 

iMemories is SO easy to use. 

After ordering online, iMemories shipped us a “SafeShip kit” for us to pack and mail our old family memories. 

We placed everything in the box, and shipped it off via UPS. 

Plus, it was so affordable! And completely worth it rather than doing it ourselves.

When the alternative is individually scanning each individual photo on your own (which I’m sure I would grow tired of in all of…thirty seconds) it was completely worth it. 

Once our old memories were safely digitized, we could easily access them on our computers, TV, or smartphones. We couldn’t wait to watch! 

iMemories Were the Perfect Present — Not Just for My Parents, But the Whole Family 

My parents knew we were doing this, so their “anniversary gift” wasn’t exactly a surprise. 

Here’s what DID surprise us: That these old family memories could single-handedly get us through not being able to see each other as often as we’d like this year. 

My siblings and I have spent hours watching, sharing, and texting about our old movies and photographs. 

Memories we had once forgotten are now saved forever on our devices!

And they brought us so, SO much joy while stuck inside.

On my parents actual anniversary, my siblings and I organized a virtual movie night with our old movies. 

We launched a Zoom meeting while watching shared memories on our respective televisions from states away. 

Snacks and adult beverages in tow, that virtual movie night is one of my favorite NEW memories with my family.

Reconnect With Your Family Over Shared Memories 

I can’t stop telling my friends how much I love iMemories

It’s so easy, affordable, and convenient, I think everyone should try it. 

Plus, it’s an extremely reliable company.

iMemories digitized 15 million memories thus far, and they have yet to lose or damage a single one. And yes, you get your original movies and photographs back. 

I thought I would lose connections with my family this year, but iMemories brought us closer together. Plus, our childhood memories are now saved forever.

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll share these memories with my own family. In that regard, the memories will live on.

I always worry about spending enough time with my parents, but iMemories gave us a wonderful way to reconnect.

I’m sure we will continue to share — and re-share — these videos and photos for years to come. 

To get started using iMemories and preserve a lifetime of photographs and videos, order your SafeShip Kit today!

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