How One Man Created the “Netflix” of Home Movies

I’ve built a lot of companies in my career, but few offer the same fulfillment as iMemories

The inspiration for iMemories started when I was just eight years old, although the company didn’t take shape until 2006. 

I grew up loving home movies. My dad would create home movies using Super8 film, and we would watch them together.

Over time, those videos switched to VHS tapes, then the 8 millimeter, then DVDs. 

Now, we can capture those family memories on the same phones we store in our pockets.

Just because the format of home movies has changed, doesn’t mean those memories should be lost. 

When I launched iMemories, I wanted to preserve family memories forever. 

I didn’t want to go from one obsolete format to the next, charging clients to transfer their memories from DVDs, to hard drives, to the next greatest thing. 

Instead, I set out to create the Netflix of home movies — where your stories, memories, and family histories can be accessed and enjoyed from anywhere, on any device.

Building the Netflix of Home Movies 

I wanted to recreate the same joy I felt watching home movies with my dad for other families. And I wanted it to be simple, affordable, and enjoyable all at the same time. 

To date, over 1 million families have trusted us with their family memories. We have clients send us shoe boxes full of photographs they haven’t touched in years. 

Their parents’ anniversary photos, their childrens’ first steps, and their own wedding vows are stored in those photos and home movies.

We believe that family stories don’t belong in boxes. We believe these cherished memories are meant to be shared, enjoyed, and never forgotten.

When we digitize family home movies, we ensure they’re available on any device. Your digitized family film is readily available on smartphones, computers, tablets, Apple TV, Chromecast, and almost every other screen you can imagine.

And yes, if you would like to create a DVD capturing your family history, you can do that too.

How We Care For Precious Family Memories 

At iMemories, we understand how precious these memories are. 

After all, we’ve digitized family photographs that are 100 years old! 

I’m proud to say that after transferring 15 MILLION memories to digital format, we have yet to damage or lose a single one. 

And we always ship back the original photos and videos for safe keeping. 

Plus, we don’t believe in just saving family memories — we believe in making them better. 

Our experts offer FREE enhancement for your family photographs and movies. Meaning, we return them better than ever before (or as good as new). 

When we deliver your digital files, you can easily edit and organize your photos and videos. Drag and drop any file with ease, making them easy to share and enjoy — online or offline.

Nothing Can Replace Your Family History 

When I started iMemories, I expected to make people happy by preserving their family memories.

Here’s what I didn’t expect: How transformative families found the experience.

We get emails from happy customers all the time saying how much they enjoyed digging up old family photos and videos. 

Just the process of unpacking stored boxes or albums that haven’t been opened in years brings up so much shared history — history that would otherwise be forgotten. 

One we return the digitized memories to their rightful owner, families get to relive a lifetime of memories. And sometimes, younger generations get to learn their family history for the very first time.

A teenager might finally learn how their parents first met. Or how their grandparents came to the United States. Or how their uncle was drafted for the war. 

There are so many unseen, untold stories buried in those boxes of photographs. And unless we preserve them, those stories will never be passed on.

Send Us Your Memories 

If you’re interested in preserving your family story, request our SafeShip Kit online. 

We’ll ship you our crushproof, waterproof box for you to ship your family memories. Simply fill the box with family movies and photographs, and send it back via UPS.

We’ll give you a FREE quote on how much it will cost to digitize your memories. 

You’ll get to review and approve the quote before you pay a penny. 

Once you give us the green light, our experts go to work preserving your family memories. 

We’ll send you the original AND digital files back, which you can relive, share, and enjoy for generations to come. 

If you’ve been looking for one place for your entire collection of family memories, that place now exists! It’s iMemories.

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