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Chief Memory Officer

Mary has one of the most important jobs in her family: to document birthday parties, graduations, and every moment in between. iMemories helps home movie-makers add to their stories with a simple process that delivers the most welcome surprises ever.

family Archivist

Every digitized photo and video is an opportunity for Brittany to tell her young son the story of where he comes from. Preserve your family’s legacy for generations with fully restored and expertly organized digital files featuring everyone you love.

The Memory Mover

When Connie and her husband downsized their home, they realized that things may come and go, but memories last forever. When you digitize with iMemories, your kids can put a visual to those stories you’ve told them - and you get to relive all those emotions again and again.

The Generation Bridge

Karrine’s favorite part about streaming old home movies is hearing her dad’s voice in the room again. Larger-than-life personalities live on through iMemories, giving family members unlimited access to moments and people who will never be forgotten.

“We were able to see Dad and Mom's honeymoon cuteness. We would recommend iMemories as the service to use. ”

- Cindy, Google Review


$14.99 (Reg. $29.99)

SafeShip Kit

The safe and easy way to ship your memories for digital conversion. Includes specialty designed crush-proof box, waterproof bags, shock resistant bubble cushions, and free shipping to iMemories via FedEx.



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